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Unlock the full potential of Slate with Net Natives
At Net Natives, we understand the intricacies of higher education, combined with our expertise in one of the most powerful CRMs, Slate.

As a Slate Platinum Preferred Partner, we offer tailored solutions exclusively designed for your institution's unique needs. Whether you're a newcomer to Slate or seeking to optimize your existing setup, our implementation and consultation services ensure you're making the most out of this powerful tool. 

What We Offer

  • Efficient Implementation: Configure key automation features seamlessly.
  • Customizations: Tailor Slate to your institution's specific requirements.
  • Insightful Reports: Gain actionable insights with customized reporting.

The Net Natives advantage with


As part of your consultation package, you'll benefit from Akero Connect. You'll get complete clarity on your recruitment funnel and reduce the cost of acquisition by up to 50%.

We understand the critical importance of turning leads into deposits and revenue for your university. That's why we've developed Akero Connect, a powerful tool designed to provide actionable insights and drive performance at every stage of the funnel.


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Meet the Team 

Michael Doran

CRM Implementation Strategist
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Neil Lindon

Customer Success Consultant
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a project get started? 
Consultation comes with an audit right at the start based on an inquiry for consultation. Our team will schedule a meeting with you to review the scope of your project and your current functionality of that component of slate. From there, we will identify and agree upon a working schedule that is most beneficial for you in conjunction with our project management team.
What experience does your team have in completing slate projects for my institution?

The team at Net Natives comes from your higher education sector - former marketers and enrollment professionals - we have a combined 10+ years of experience in slate development amongst our team focusing on product development and operations within Slate. Additionally, as a platinum-preferred partner, we have the capacity and capability to enlist the help of product owners across Slate.

Do training assets come with consultation?

No matter the project, our Slate Consultants will provide optimal learning materials and documentation for the implementation of whatever side of slate you’ve requested to be updated or created. We house all reference documents within the Slate Knowledgebase. 

For Slate Implementation, how quickly can you develop a slate instance or migrate to a new slate instance?

Slate implementations are scope through a statement of work after all conversations and quotes have been shared and approved. We have a 4-5 phase model that works optimally for all clients and their navigation to Slate with plenty of room for nuance. 

What is the cost of Slate Consultancy? 

Assessment for depth and breadth of a particular project will be assessed in the initial audit, but our team also offers retainer packages if so desired. Please find our cost table located on this page.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We’ve never been better positioned to effectively reach prospective students…. Akero has helped bring the Marketing and Admissions teams together in a way that allows us all to view the same data in real time. This tool has changed the way we operate.”

Logan University
Director of Marketing & Communications

"They are proactive and always giving good advice on how to improve what we are doing, thanks to their deep knowledge of higher education."

Director, Executive MBA Admissions & Marketing