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International Market Selection

Diversify your recruitment strategy, make data-driven decisions and connect with your audience

Looking to reach an international market?

In today's global landscape, understanding the dynamics of international markets is paramount. Are you truly tapping into the full potential of what your institution can offer? Do you know which markets align best with your portfolio, values and resonate most strongly with prospective students?

International Market Selection offers universities a strategic tool to expand their reach globally, attract a diverse pool of international students, and ensure the long-term success and sustainability of their international recruitment initiatives.

International Market Selection gives universities clarity on questions such as:

  • Are we effectively reaching our target markets?
  • How do our offerings compare to those of our competitors in different regions?
  • Does our approach align with the evolving demands of the international student market?

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Exceeding expectations for the University of Cambridge

“Their dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit have not only met but exceeded our expectations.”

Our partnership with the University of Cambridge, aimed to uncover the perceptions, experiences, and pivotal moments in their postgraduate applicants’ journey. 

Four students studying together around a laptop

Case Study

Enhancing authenticity and driving applications with influencers

"We gained an authentic voice for our brand, and that is what you need."

Leveraging influencers, Bloomsbury Institute raised awareness of their brand and an upcoming open day with the goal to boost applications.

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Taking queen's reputation global

This 'exceptional marketing campaign' would celebrate the ground-breaking research at Queen's University Belfast and increase its brand equity among international academics.

Despite sharing stories and findings from their outstanding research and global impact through organic channels, this Russell Group university’s outputs were flying under the radar.